Becoming an Exhibitor for Muskie Expo Chicago

Venue for Muskie Expo Chicago

Perfect Venue by having the Hotel, Restaurants, Night Clubs and Muskie Expo Chicago under one roof. Manufacturers will be displaying all their 2017 products for your purchase. Number of hospitality rooms set up by vendors including a few Muskie Clubs. Spend the weekend as this will be the new January Musky Fishing Hot Spot.PR-LOGO-FINAL REV-no gradient2 (1)

Fishing Boats, Fly Fishing for Muskies, Top quality guides from top producing trophy waters and some of the top quality resorts you can find in the business. This show brings vendors and customers from around the world together. Join the Muskie Industry growth for 2017.

Smaller Manufacturer/Hobbyist

Smaller manufacturers and hobbyist looking to try marketing their products for the first time in this show. In the lobby of Muskie Expo Chicago, a limited number of tables are set up to display and sell your products. Because of the high demand, you must email us for to make sure we have room and a display table contract would be sent.

This is for first time, never displayed before small guys wanting to give it a try. These tables are $200, comes with limited amount of space, lower return traffic area, right in the lobby of the show. Email for more information.

Only at Muskie Expo can you see the latest in Muskie-fishing innovations, visit with the pros to learn tactics and strategies first-hand, and evaluate thousands of products – all under one roof! We welcome everyone…whether you are a world-class Musky angler, an angler who has experience catching many species but is looking to learn more about Muskie fishing, or a beginner looking for your first rod and reel, you will be exposed to the best in the business, and will walk away with the tools and increased knowledge to help you land the Muskie of your dreams!

If you are in the Muskie business, this show is designed for you! This show is once a year. We welcome you to join us for a fun filled weekend of Muskie Talk. Great place to enjoy by seeing all the Muskie Equipment available under one roof. Great place to market your products in front of thousands of muskie anglers plus where else can you tell Muskie Stories in frozen January!

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