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Muskie Expo Show - Our purpose is to promote the sport of Muskie fishing by bringing together the Muskie industry; from manufacturers, resorts, guides, and media, to special interest groups, all are brought together under one roof to showcase the latest products and to help educate anglers, from the beginner to the most advanced anglers on the water. We utilize many unique approaches in our show to teach you how to better identify new fishing hotspots and the tactics and techniques to use to increase your success on the water. Our goal is to spread the excitement that Muskie fishing can offer by helping you achieve the quality catches of your dreams!

MuskieExpoMilwaukee Muskie Expo was the first fishing show dedicated to Muskie fishing to bring together participants in the industry along with the general public, under one roof, to promote conservation and education for Muskie fishing. This year we are excited to bring the fun and excitement to Chicago for the first time! The Muskie Expo is THE place to see the latest innovations in Muskie rods, reels and terminal tackle, boats and boating accessories, and to learn about the many great Muskie guides and resorts out there ready to show you the best fishing you have experienced! This show has been ranked the best Muskie Show by exhibitors and attendees for years. Whether you are a seasoned Muskie angler, an avid angler looking to expand in to the world of Muskie fishing, or a beginner just starting out, Muskie Expo has something for you!

With over 160 booths stocked full of Muskie products from A-Z, top-notch high-power seminars and how-to clinics, and one of the largest gatherings of Muskie-catching knowledge anywhere, this is YOUR opportunity to learn how to catch that trophy Muskie!


The 1st Annual Muskie Expo Chicago

MuskieExpo Chicago

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It’s almost time for Muskie Expo Chicago!

Show hours: Friday 2pm to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm, Sunday 9am to 3pm

LOCATION: Sears Centre Arena
It is almost time for Muskie Expo Chicago, coming in January, from the  9th-11th, 2015.  Muskie Expo is the largest show dedicated to the sport of Muskie fishing and the Chicago Expo is looking to be the biggest yet!  With the hands-on fishing clinics, the lure-building contest, and the huge number of exhibitors, everyone is looking forward to this fantastic 3-day event!

This year there will be large freshwater tanks to showcase lure actions and even microphones to showcase lure sounds!  How-to clinics will be performed throughout the show and will allow everyone, from the novice to the tournament angler, to walk away with new and useful knowledge.  There will also be many key seminars to ensure every attendee will enjoy greater success on the water.

The New Product Showcase will be an opportunity to preview the latest gear, before it hits store shelves.  Attendees will garner the edge seeing new technologies first, and in many cases, even be able to purchase products on site!  Attendees can walk out the door with the newest gear, even before it is available to their fishing buddies!abu

The all new MuskieExpo.com website has information for the Chicago (and also the upcoming  Milwaukee event in February), with its own section complete with information on location, seminars, exhibitors, and parking, along with some very special events within the Expos; everything needed to ensure a fun-filled event.  The site also contains valuable information pertaining to the sport of Muskie fishing that is constantly updated.  Anyone who loves to fish for Muskies should bookmark the site to check out the latest tips, stories and information to help make every trip more successful.

The excitement is building; don’t miss the biggest event dedicated to Muskie fishing!

MuskieExpo Milwaukee

MilwaukeeExpo_2015_FlyerCome join us at the 24th Annual Muskie Expo Milwaukee.
The show dates are February 13th – 15th, 2015
Show hours: Friday 2pm to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm, Sunday 9am to 3pm

About Muskie Expo

LOCATION: State Fair Park
Muskie Expo Milwaukee has been an annual event for 24 years and is the largest Muskie-related event of its kind.  The focus of the Muskie Expos is to allow anglers of all skill levels, from beginner to the most advanced, to learn tactics and techniques to allow for greater success on the water.  Bringing together businesses involved with Muskie fishing and anglers in a family-friendly environment has been the hallmark of the Muskie Expos and has resulted in enhanced community conservation efforts.